10-15 person Release the Beast group package with GoPro Footage

512 Rage Room Store


Ideal package for bachelor parties, divorce parties, wedding events, group and team building, corporate events, birthday parties.

plenty for everyone to smash!  are you trying to dazzle a potential client?  Show them an experience they will never forget to help you get the sale!

Each person will receive the Release the Beast package and a group discount will be applied to the total.

See a session in action in the big room here

A total of 220 items to smash!!

  • 200 fragiles (Examples include: cups, bowls, dishes, knick knacks, vcr tapes, CDs)
  • 20 medium items (Examples include: printers, flatscreens, vcr, larger fragile, keyboards)
  • 2 hour group session
  • Includes 1 go pro for the group.
  • protective gear
  • 10% group discount applied to price
  • free bottled water
  • free surprise souvenir gift after your session
  • bluetooth speaker to play your music
  • No Cleanup!

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